Virtual Adventure

Begin your adventure by checking out this video about Paul's ministry:

You or your team will travel the 292.8 km from Damascus to Jerusalem.

*Official Registration closed on July 6th.

Submit a Distance

If you are submitting for a team be sure to submit your combined distance. (Eg. a team of four went for a 2 km hike, submit the total distance of 8 km)

The log board will be updated regularly. So check back often. (Remember: This is not a race)

Log Board:


Name/Team Distance Travelled (KM) Recent Checkpoint
The Finch Express 50 Approaching Stage 2
The Savanah Trail Blazers 90 Heading towards Stage 4
Indiana and The Covid Crusade 60 Heading towards Stage 3
The Fast but not Furious Fenns 4.8 Heading towards Stage 1
Too Inspired to be Tired 26 Leaving Stage 1
The Moir's - Damascus

Virtual Adventure Postcards