Youth Ministry

October Update: Puppet Club!

Hi everybody,

Hope you all are doing well. During this crazy time we’ve come up with a bit of a different idea that we think would be lots of fun and something we could do consistently and safely.

We are hoping to start up a little Puppet Club this fall.

To keep numbers within the acceptable limit this would initially only be open to those already part of the Wednesday group. Depending on who all is interested, we’ll come up with the specific game plan and the details.

The goal would be to work towards a couple Christmassy type performances. We would be able to have a small footprint in the church building, maintain physical distancing, and by using pre-recorded songs and such we can keep our masks on the entire time.

If this is something you might be interested in let me know. Based on who all is game for it, we’ll come up with specifics and go from there.

Take Good Care


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