Sunday Service Registration


With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, Sunday service registration is no longer required.

Masking and physical distancing remain in place.

What To Expect:

During this transitionary period from September through December, our services will be condensed to roughly 45 minutes. It will fetaure singing, scripture reading, and a 25 minute sermon. Covid protocols, such as masking and physical distancing remain in place.


The foyer will be left open and available to parents with infants. Feel free to use the space as you need and to help yourself to supplies from the nursery.

Sunday School:

Children will be dismissed part way through the service. Downstairs in The Rainforest, we will jump, dance, and praise the Lord together, meet new friends, and explore the scriptures.

Older kids are invited to complete a sermon worksheet which will be entered into a monthly draw.