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October 25th: Jacob and Esau—The Blessing

Blindfold Craft & Game:

You’ll need:

-some paper


-pencil crayons or other things to decorate




On the paper you’ll draw out the shape of a blindfold (it looks like a sleep mask). Make sure it will be big enough to cover your eyes. Get a parent or older sibling to help cut it out. Now decorate your mask with pencil crayons, stickers, and all sorts of things. Use a hole punch or pencil to put a hole in each side so that you can use the string to tie it around your head.  



Have everybody wear their blindfold except one person. The one person with no blindfold sneakily finds a random item from around the house. Pass the item around to the blindfolded family members and see who can correctly guess what the item is.


Read Genesis 27 and/or watch this video:


Family Discussion:

1)      Will you be dressing up in a costume next week? Is anybody going to dress up like their brother sister, like Jacob did?

2)      How did Jacob trick his father into thinking that that he was Esau?

3)      Do you, or your parents, have something special that was passed down from other members in your family?

4)      Esau got very angry after his brother dressed up like him, and took the blessing from their father that was supposed to be passed down to him. Do you ever get really angry like that? What things make you upset or angry?

5)      When you are feeling angry what are some healthy ways that you can deal with your anger?

6)      Do you think what Jacob and his mom did was okay?

It is important to understand that Rebekah and Jacob’s actions were not okay. They told a lie, and although Jacob got the blessing he wanted, things would never be the same in his family! God still loved Rebekah and still loved Jacob. Even when we experience God’s grace, bad behavior often has consequences we can’t anticipate.


*Worksheets can be found below.

October 25th

October 25th